Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Winter Squash Pecan Parsley Dip

Ahhh... So beautiful in color... And flavor :P
Hello all! I hope you are doing well and are enjoying this beautiful day! Today I have a dip for you that is vibrant, beautiful and full of fall and winter flavors. It's sweet and savory at the same time too. I have been obsessing with winter squash lately, as well as parsley, and you may be seeing those flavors in more upcoming recipes. There is just something beautiful about their flavors. :P Okay maybe I'm a little over dramatic but when it comes to food, my passion soars. :)

That being said, I am a little new to using parsley in recipes since I grew up with eating cilantro in almost every dish. Sadly enough, I wasn't truly introduced to the splendid flavor of parsley until a few years ago and I really started to appreciate it's beauty and flavor. Winter squash is relatively new to me too, but now I can't get enough of it. There is just something so comforting and sweet about winter squash, especially delicata squash. If there is one squash to taste and buy, I would totally buy a delicata. So yummers! Sadly, I haven't seen many of them here but it could be because I haven't been to the farmers market lately. Here's a picture below:
Oh how I miss you delicata!!
If you can find one, totally use it for this recipe! If not, any standard orange-y flesh colored winter squash will  do. I used Red Kuri squash, my second favorite winter squash, and a sugar pumpkin in equal amounts and it turned out really well! Experiment and use the squash that you prefer or have easy access to. I hope you enjoy it!


Winter Squash Pecan Parsley Dip
Yield: Approximately 1 ½ cups (About 5, ½ cup servings)

¼ cup pecans
2 heaping cups peeled, seeded, and cubed (1 inch cube) winter squash, steamed
2 tablespoons minced fresh parsley leaves
½ teaspoon minced garlic
½ teaspoon salt
1/16 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Place the pecans in the food processor and process until it almost turns into a buttery-like consistency. Add the squash, parsley, garlic, salt and cinnamon and process until completely smooth. Enjoy!

  • This dip is so easy but so impressive in its flavors. Feel free to add some pumpkin pie spice or even some cumin for some smokiness. Get creative! 
  • You could totally make this raw by not steaming the squash, although the texture will not be as smooth and the flavor will be a little different, but still good! If you don't mind the raw taste of winter squash, I say give it a go!
  • This is really good with some flax crackers, cucumbers (of course) or any crudites, and even some apple slices. It's so buttery in texture and flavor. Mmmm.... :)

I love the green parsley specks all throughout. Garnish with some chopped pecans and you're good to go!

This dip has a good amount of Vitamin A and K as well as 18% of your daily value for fiber! Can't go wrong with that!

Here is the full nutritional information for this dip and below is the basic nutritional information from CRON-O-Meter:

Thanks for stopping by and I would love to hear your thoughts! Enjoy the goodness! :)

Rawnessa <3

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