Monday, February 4, 2013

Rosemary White Bean Dip

Ahh, the pretty rosemary leaves. :)
Hi everyone! I hope all is going well! I'm so sorry I have been so absent lately. I have been really busy at work and haven't had enough time to make some really tasty dips! And when I do make a dip, it just isn't up to par to what I would like in flavor so I don't post it. Although, I did make an awesome white bean dip that is full of flavor and yummy to the tummy! LOL! I also made another sweet dip using the white navy beans, almond extract and some almonds. It came out good but I may need to readjust the flavor somehow to really get it where I want it. Or maybe I'll resort to making a cinnamon flavored one. :)

Anyhoo, I decided to make this dip because I really wanted to try something with rosemary, since I haven't done that yet, and wanted a clean, classic, and bright taste. I originally wanted to put apple in the dip, but I didn't want the dip to turn a yucky brown from an oxidizing apple. No bueno. Although apple slices would be awesome as dippers! Mmmm... :P I also tried it with mustard powder too and although I liked it, I decided to make it optional in the recipe. It made it taste a lot like mayonnaise (which isn't a bad thing in my book ;) ), but with much less fat and way more fiber. However, I wanted a more rosemary flavor so I decided to do without it. But, if you really are a fan of mustard, and you like a mayonnaise-ey flavor, go for it! It is pretty darn tasty!
This dip is super bright from the lemon, which adds a nice lightness to it and would be great as a spread on a sandwich or just on top of some veggies or brown rice. Yummers! Eat it up! :)


Rosemary White Bean Dip
Yield: Approximately 1 ½ cups (About 6, ¼ cup servings)

¼ cup raw cashews
1 ½ cups cooked and drained white navy beans (or any other white bean, such as cannellini 
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon water (more or less to desired consistency)
¾ teaspoon chopped fresh rosemary leaves
½ teaspoon minced garlic
½ teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper
1/8 teaspoon ground yellow mustard powder (optional)

Place the cashews in the food processor and break down until it turns into tiny crumbs. Add the white beans, lemon juice, olive oil, water, rosemary, garlic, salt, black pepper and mustard (if using), and process until completely smooth. Enjoy!

  • If you don't have any cashews, no fret! Feel free to replace them with another creamy nut, such as macadamia nuts or pine nuts, or use whatever nut seed you have on hand! The flavor and color of the dip may be a little different but it will still taste yummers! I wanted to use cashews because they lend to almost a blank taste in the background to let the rosemary shine with also giving an awesome creamy texture. 
  • Feel free to change up the flavors in this dip! If you prefer another herb or other spices, try them out! I feel like this dip is almost a blank slate (without the rosemary) where you can add any flavors you desire! Get creative and have fun! :)

I love how creamy and fluffy this dip came out! That processor works wonders! :P
This dip is fiber-ful and has 6 grams of protein for one serving! Woot! :)
Here is the full nutritional information for this dip and below is the basic nutritional information from CRON-O-Meter:

Thank you all for stopping by. I appreciate it! :) I hope you have an awesome day and I'll be back with another recipe! 
Rawnessa <3

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