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How to Make Almond Milk (or Mylk :P)!

Yum! I'm going to have a glass now...
Hi all! I hope you all are doing well. I've been doing well and wanted to dedicate this post to one of my friends.

I want to give a great big shout out to the queen of spoken word and an incredible yogi Ada McCartney. She is an awesome inspiration, a great friend, and was the first person to ever write a comment on this blog. She also has commented since then and that means a great deal to me. I really appreciate that she took time out of her day to actually read and write on my posts, especially since I know she's super busy. Seeing that there are readers to this blog makes me happy and more motivated to keep on posting and I think that goes for any blog. I love being able to hear people's perspectives and the things they want to see posted, as well as any questions they may have. It's such a pleasure to be able to help someone achieve in any way possible, being it in creating a recipe they didn't know was possible before or in helping them achieve their health goals. If I can help in any way in answering your questions or in any other way, please let me know and I will be more than happy to answer. :) And if you have a blog, I would love to check it out as well! Let's spread the love! :)

I am going to make more of an initiative to post on other people's blogs too. More often than not, I see awesome recipes and photos and am inspired by other blogs but don't give them a thank you on all their hard work to get that post ready to be published. I never realized the hard work that goes into it until I started my own blog. Especially with editing photos, writing and recipes. But don't get me wrong, it's loads of fun! I love having an outlet at the end of the night and I look forward to posting and doing all the work that goes into it. Sometimes life and lack of inspiration gets in the way of working on the blog, however, and that is why there is a lack of posts here, but I still aspire to keep the recipe creation and posts going.

So, if you are ever in the Phoenix area, you should hear Ada's spoken word and see how passionate she is about it. She usually performs at 24 Carrots (which is an awesome spot by the way for food, juices/smoothies, and awesome service! Totally recommend the place (: ) in Tempe, when they have their open mic nights. See how awesome she is and send her some love!

Anyhoo, here is the almond mylk recipe I promised you guys and I send a big glass to you Ada! :)

Almond Mylk

Yield: 3 cups (~750 mL)
Prep Time: ~15 minutes (not including soak time)

145 grams raw almonds (1 cup)
720 grams filtered water (3 cups OR 750 mL) and extra water to soak the almonds
35 grams pitted chopped dates (2 packed tablespoons) or more/less to your desired sweetness
pinch fine Himalayan pink salt

Place almonds in a medium sized bowl and pour enough filtered water (not the 720 grams for the recipe) over them to cover. Cover the bowl with a plate or cloth and set aside to soak for about 8 - 12 hours. If you plan on soaking the almonds for longer, I recommend setting them in the refrigerator. 

Once the almonds are done soaking, rinse them well until the water runs clear, and place them in a blender. The almonds will weigh about 200 grams now and will yield about 1 1/2 cups. Add about 360 grams/ 1 1/2 cups (or half the amount of filtered water) to the blender along with the dates. Blend until somewhat smooth. The mixture will be very thick, which is okay! Then add the rest of the water and blend on medium/high speed for about 5 to 10 seconds. 

Place a nut milk bag (or old pillow case or doubled up clean pantyhose) in a bowl and pour the contents from the blender through it. Hold up the bag above the bowl and gently squeeze the mylk out of the bag so as not to rip the bag or the pantyhose, if using. You will be left with almond pulp in the bag, which can be used for other things, such as in the recipes below!

Add the pinch of salt to the mylk and stir around to distribute. Place in a jar and refrigerate for optimal chilled-ness. Enjoy! 

1.) Blending the almonds with the first half of water
2.) Almonds blended up with all the water and ready to be mylked! 
3.) Almond mylk coming out of the nut mylk bag! Yum!
Leftover almond pulp!

  • The reason I blend half the water first and then add the rest of the water, is because it results in less air bubbles in the final product. Me no like air bubbles in my mylk. :/ But it will still taste delicious if you decide to blend all the water at once. No biggie. :)
  • If you's like to use a different nut or mix up different nuts/seeds to make another type of milk, feel free to do so! Cashew mylk or hemp mylk is especially easy to make, since there is no need for straining the mylk after blending! Woot woot! Although, I feel that the taste of hemp milk takes some getting used to (or maybe not, because I never liked it and still don't :P ). Although, I do know people who love it, so give it a try! :) 
  • If you like a thicker mylk, then add less water or if you like a thinner mylk, add more water. And if you like it less/more sweet, retract/add more dates! That's what I love about homemade recipes. You can suit it to your taste buds. :)
Leftover almond pulp can be used for many things like raw and cooked breads, cakes, cookies, granola, as a breading, and I've even seen it used in an almond hummus! Here are some of the recipes that I used almond pulp in from the blog:
Raw Bread

Here are what some other bloggers have made using almond pulp (although I have not tried these recipes, they sure look tasty!)

Thank you all for stopping by and checking out today's recipe. I really appreciate it. :) I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and spread love to everyone you meet today. :)

Rawnessa <3

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