About Me

Hello all! Thanks for stopping by!

My name is Vanessa (aka Rawnessa) and am passionate about healthy and living foods. I currently eat a high raw plant based diet and believe that everyone has a right to feel their best in mind, body, and spirit. Through good nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, and a healthy mind and spirit, I believe that we can all live in harmony with each other and with ourselves.

Having gone through many eating issues growing up, I know it isn't easy to get on this path to wellness, but I know it can be achieved! The first step is the hardest, trust me, and the rest is history! We all have our setbacks and ups and downs, but that's okay because we're human and humans are not meant to be perfect. We learn from our mistakes and that is the most important part. At least I think so! :)

I am a raw food chef and nutritionist and have graduated from the Living Light Institute in Fort Bragg, California. I also received my Masters in (what I call "conventional") Nutrition and Food Science but have been studying on my own the holistic route of nutrition and how the whole body has to be taken into consideration when trying to heal. I love new research and if you have any good news or info to share, I would love to hear!

So, I decided to make this blog to showcase easy dips (and other raw or cooked vegan goodies) to show how easy it is to incorporate some healthful recipes into your life, no matter how little time you have. These dips are great for a topping on a salad, in wraps, with crudites, or just for plain old dipping with your finger spoon! :P

I try to make these dips extra flavorful so that they can withstand being eaten with a watery cucumber slice (since they're my fave!), and because I know that its water content can water down the flavor. My ideal flavors have a punch but are well rounded and I will only post recipes that I really love and that I know are approved by my boyfriend's taste buds.

Well, enough about me! I hope you enjoy the recipes and keep coming back for more!

Vanessa (aka Rawnessa) <3


  1. Dear Vanessa, You are so much awesomer than I had originally known- and I knew you were pretty awesome. <3

  2. Awww!! Thank you so much Ada!! You are so sweet! You are pretty freakin' awesome yourself! :) I'm so glad you are working now at 24 Carrots. You truly are a breath of fresh air and a bright light to the world. :) <3